niche |ni ch |


• a specialized but profitable corner of the market : [as adj. ] important new niche markets.

Niche Dental Studio is a specialized dental laboratory owned and operated by Joshua Polansky.  Niche strives to create dental restorations that mimic nature in every way.  Niche is about continuous growth and balance in life.  Through art, Design, and passion Niche has set itself apart from others in the field.  Niche’s client base consists of local, out of state, and international Doctors who have helped Niche create world class dentistry.  Through strong relationships, communication, and an open mind Niche is here to help its Doctors and patients reach their dental visions.   Although our way of working is a change from the “standard” Dr. Technician relationship, it is a paradigm shift we feel is necessary for exceeding our clients desires.