We Need Photos!

Creating restorations in-house gives the ultimate opportunity to capture our work in its oral environment.   Restorations can be made to look beautiful on models and bench tops, but without ever seeing them in the mouth these are just artistic images.  They need to work in the mouth!  We need our Dr.’s to be part of our growth process and share our work with us… Doing more and more outside work we are seeing less and less of our efforts in the mouth – while we hear great feedback that everything looks great we still need to see our efforts and judge for ourselves – Please Doctors!!!  show us our work….  Let us grow and become better!!  Its all for you and your patients……


Music is one of the main things that motivates me while working – It creates a total ambiance for my lab, patients, and clients that visit us.  here are a couple of the latest albums we picked up to liven up our laboratory and life –

Phantogram – Eyelid Movies

Bonobo – BlackSands

Four Tet – Their is Love

What motivates you?

Please comment and share what motivates you.

The Movement…..

I created this blog as a source of inspiration for technicians and dentists around the world.  Creating teeth is not only about the teeth. Its about the books we read, the music we listen to, and the overall life vision we embody.  My goal is to create an interactive forum to share not only our knowledge of dentistry, but to share our other interests that get our creative minds going.

I had this idea while I was in the Paul Smith clothing store in SOHO NY.  While the clothing store was impressive as a clothing store itself –  it became a collective of other great products.  It sold books, art, music, etc. from around the world  – and not Paul Smith stuff!!  just stuff Paul Smith likes..  I saw that this was the stuff that inspired Mr. Smith and allowed him to create such beautiful Hand made clothes –

Please join me discovering more!!



This is a movement towards the creative side of dental technology.  It is going against the proposed rules that have ruled our field for a long time.  Its going against the white chick-lets that have dictated many technicians who strive to express the creative vision they embody –  Its going back to nature – our true and only source of knowledge and inspiration!